New year, new creations

Hello, and a belated ‘happy new year’ to you!

Life has been overflowing with extra craziness since I decided working full-time and going back to grad school was a perfectly normal thing to do. I have since learned that I am insane, and now find myself very tired with even less time to write (surprise, surprise).

But not every shred of time was ripped unceremoniously from my hands. In fact, I’m very excited about a certain WIP and hope to locate some beta readers/critique partners in the upcoming months.

At a glance:

My WIP is a middle grade anthropomorphic mystery-adventure including a few of my favorite things:

  • Cheese (really good cheese too)
  • Flying machines
  • Truffles (not the chocolate kind, but I like those too)
  • Pipes
  • Writers
  • Thieving ferrets
  • And a pig, named Basil, (I’ve always loved that name)

If your heart pounds faster after reading that list, screaming loudly for more, then shoot me an email at or DM me on Twitter @TheSmitlyJotter so we can talk about working together either in a critique partner or beta reader context.

Happy 2016 to you. Take time to fill it with all that you love most. Savor each day like the last drop of whiskey in your highball glass. And lastly, keep writing.


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